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NY1 – Kids learn the science of smell in the last fragrance factory in the city by Angi Gonzalez – 03/15/2018


Nose University (Nose-U) is a genuine olfactive program designed for children by Andrea Bifulco  in partnership with The Society Of Scent and Master Perfumer Jean-Claude Delville. Our laboratory is located in a landmark building in the South Bronx, NYC.

Discovering and exploring the world of scents, learning about natural ingredients, revealing the alchemy and science within the creative process. We encourage the sharing of emotions, memories and untold stories … all about scents.

The journey of our Smelling Bees at Nose-U is based on curiosity, happiness, knowledge and inclusiveness. Our workshops are tailored to  specific age groups with a strong focus on individual expression, in order to embrace identity, diversity and the power of kindness.

Our versatile workshops propose collective or individual immersions, either at our lab or as nomadic olfactive experiences, in partnership with private and public organizations.



3rd Grade Smelling Bees Art

Students in a 3rd grade workshop had an awesome time exploring their smell kit, describing scent and painting their amazing art pieces. Their creative work was inspired by their favorite scents. Great work, Smelling Bees!  

Getting Ready for our first Workshop March 15th 2018

@thesocietyofscent laboratory, Jean-Claude Delville is creating amazing scents!! Ready to discover with us? Andrea Bifulco our Dean of Youth Program will be exploring and sharing with our first Smelling Bees attendees our first step program : What do you smell?  


Andrea Bifulco / Dean of Youth Program

Email: andreab174@gmail.com

Phone Number: 917-704-6132