Andrea Bifulco / Dean Of Youth Program

Andrea has always been fascinated with the language of scent, which captured her interest early in her career in the fragrance industry. She has been in love with this beautiful method of communication ever since.
Growing up in Michigan, Andrea spent her childhood immersed in reading, creative writing and art. As a young adult she focused on writing and graduated from The University of Dayton with a degree in print journalism. 
With her own children, Andrea witnessed the important connection between sensory exploration, emotion, memory and language. She now spends her days educating students (and educators) about the vital role or sense of smell plays in our every day lives – and how it can be applied to creative writing, the arts, science and beyond.
Andrea lives on Long Island and is the mother of two school-aged children. They have been exposed to scent since before they were born and at ages 4 and 8, they have become expert “Junior Noses.”
Andrea Bifulco is a Fragrance Evaluator and Scent Educator. Her experience includes working in fine fragrance development at the Estée Lauder Companies, scented print development at Orlandi, Inc., as well as fragrance Research & Development in the Estée Lauder laboratories.
Andrea is a forever student with an enthusiasm for learning and a love of scent. She encourages children to connect to their innate sense of smell and empowers them with a fun, exciting new perspective of themselves, their education and their world.

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